Celebrity Bankruptcy

Celebrity Bankruptcies

Bankruptcy Lawyers, Sandusky, Ohio

Affordable Bankruptcy Lawyers, Toledo, Ohio

Affordable Bankruptcy Lawyers, Sandusky, Ohio

Take a moment to scroll down this long list of famous celebrity bankruptcy filings.  You may be surprised to know that our celebrity list includes Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Dorothy Hamill, Donald Trump and many more.





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Watch Michael Scott “declare bankruptcy” Click on photo above to view.

Casey Anthony (2013)

Gary Busey (2012)

Barry Corbin (2010)

Stephen Baldwin (2009)

Bernie Kosar (2009)

Sinbad (2009)

Was her book deal with the Bankruptcy Court fair?

Was Casey Anthony’s book deal with the Bankruptcy Court fair?


Jose Conseco (2008)

Bill Buckner (2008)

Michael Vick (2008)

Willie Aames (2007)

Don Johnson (2004)

Lorenzo Lamas (2004)

Sheryl Swoopes (2004)

Mike Tyson (2003)

Randy Quaid (2000)

Sherman Hemsley (1999)

Lynn Spears (1998)

Lawrence Taylor (1998)

M.C. Hammer (1997)

Debbie Reynolds (1997)

Anna Nicole Smith (1996)

Dorothy Hamill (1996)

Burt Reynolds (1996)

Gov. John Connally (1996)

Kim Basinger (1993)

Donald Trump (1992)

Wayne Newton (1992)

Johnny Unitas (1991)

Willie Nelson (1990)

Cindy Lauper (1980)

Jerry Lee Lewis (1988)

Tom Petty (1979)

Larry King (1978 & 1960)

Mickey Rooney (1962)

Walt Disney (1920)

Mark Twain (1894)

P.T. Barnum (1871)

Abraham Lincoln (1833)

Henry Ford

Milton Hershey

King Phillip II of Spain



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